Car Servicing and MOT

We offer three levels of car servicing – basic, intermediate and full. We can carry out MOT testing and obtain your MOT certificate through our authorised partners at the same time.

Basic service (6 months) – car health checks included in all three service packages:

  • Service book (stamp)
  • Engine oil (replace)
  • Oil filter (replace)
  • Oil leaks (report)
  • Service light (reset)
  • Brake fluid level/condition (check)
  • Anti-freeze coolant level/condition (check)
  • Windscreen wash (check/top-up)
  • Lights (check)
  • Windscreen wipers (check)
  • Exhaust mounts and condition (check)
  • Tyre condition (check and adjust)
  • Steering (check)

Intermediate service (12 months) add-ons:

  • Spark plugs (check and replace)
  • Air filter (replace)
  • Alternator (check)
  • Battery (check)
  • Front brakes (check)
  • Brake fluid level (check/top-up)
  • Seat belt (check)
  • Brake hoses (check)
  • Shock absorbers (check)
  • Suspension (check)
  • Power steering fluid (check/top-up)

Full service (24 months) add-ons:

  • Fuel filter (replace)
  • Drive belt (check and adjust)
  • Wheel bearing (check and adjust)
  • Rear brakes(check)
  • Pollen filter (check)
  • Gear box oil (check)
  • Differential (check/top-up)
  • OBD engine fault code – as part of our full service we also retrieve any OBD engine fault codes for FREE.

For more information on our car servicing offers, contact us today!