All you need is love to maintain your car … there is NO knowledge required!

“Independent to teach basic car maintenance at ladies night.” This headline caught our attention when it popped up on our Twitter timeline last year, however we suspect it was perhaps not for any reasons the organisers had in mind though.

Yes, it is a widely known fact – and nothing to be ashamed for by the way – that women are the less technically versed and probably interested folk when it comes to car technology and mechanics, however when it comes to car maintenance (as the headline suggested) it concerns every car owner – male and female! So why focus especially on women in the headline?

Things got a little clearer when clicking through to read the article as the sub-headline read: “Free event to show the basics such as dealing with a puncture and what to do in the event of a breakdown”.

Now, it’s really great to see this initiative to provide such valuable training for ‘female drivers’, and even for free, however is dealing with a puncture or breakdown not an emergency and quite technical procedure rather than a routine and maintenance task?

Isn’t maintenance more to do with checking lights, inspecting tyres for pressure and wear, replacing wipers and at the most basic level with washing one’s car? And if so, doesn’t car maintenance then concern every driver – female AND male?

We would even argue, that if anything a broken down car is merely a reflection of a poor maintenance routine …

Car maintenance comes before breakdown

Yes, there are some more technical and greasy maintenance jobs to carry out such as checking and flushing fluids, filters and spark plugs, however this is what your trusted mechanic is for. Even if you don’t want to get your hands dirty washing your car, all you need to do is pay someone else to do it for you. It is that simple.

“There is no knowledge required to maintain your car, only care.” ~@mechaniclondon

A proactive and regular car maintenance and servicing routine will not only ensure safety of your car, but increase its reliability, overall efficiency and reduce the risk of a breakdown. As we always say

“Car servicing is better than cure.” ~@mechaniclondon

It’s just like preventing your house from falling apart. Instead of going to a course to learn about how to deal with blocked drains, a boiler breakdown or damp walls, you can keep it clean routinely and get your boiler serviced by a trained technician regularly. There is no special knowledge required, only care and an interest in looking after your possessions.

What’s your take on this?

Would love to hear more about people’s car maintenance habits and regimes!

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We are Classic BRENT AUTOS – formerly known as Brent Autos (est.1989) and on social media known as MECHANICLONDON. Based in Willesden, North West London, we have been offering servicing, diagnostics and mechanical repairs for modern day, particularly French, and classic cars since 1989.

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