MOT or service on your car due? We can help!

The government’s “coronavirus MOT extension scheme” will come to an end soon, and any vehicles with an MOT expiry date on or after 1 August will no longer be eligible for an extension, and MOT tests and certificates must get done as usual!

For all the details please go to the dedicated web page on the government website here.

If you are unsure when your MOT or service, or indeed the safety of your car, is due, here’s some tips and advice.

When is your vehicle’s MOT due?

The simplest way to find out when your car’s MOT is due, is via the government’s MOT Checker.

Remember that “You can get an MOT up to a month (minus a day) before it runs out and keep the same renewal date.

Also, if you are eligible for the extension, we highly recommend that you still get the advisories from your last MOT done sooner than later as over a year will have passed and ignoring these repairs for much longer may cause breakdown and further deterioration, and potentially compromise your safety.

When is your vehicle’s service due?

There are standard recommendations and many modern cars have a self-diagnostic system to alert when a service is due, however in the absence of a legal requirement (like for MOTs), the truthful answer is “it depends” … on your driving style and maintenance routine.

You might ask ‘What’s the difference between an MOT and a service then’? And why should you service your car?

An MOT inspection is simply technical whereas in a car servicing procedure your mechanic will check for wear and tear and replace parts and fluids where necessary. So, for example a vehicle could pass the MOT, but the brake fluid could be dirty – as brake fluid is a service item – which will reduce the braking efficiency significantly!

In other words, if you want to + ensure safety + avoid breakdown + prevent accidents + limit deterioration + save costs + maintain value, you’re best of getting your car serviced regularly.

When is your vehicle’s safety due?

And, if there’s no legal deadline looming or if you are not sure if you’ve done enough miles, ask yourself ‘when is the safety of my car – including myself, my passengers and other road participants – due’? 😉

Three levels of car servicing, MOTs and a wide range of mechanical repairs

Please call Mike on 020 8830 0476 to discuss your needs and to make an appointment.


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