Happy, healthy and hopeful 2022

Another pandemic-ridden year has made history and yet again, we’ve counted ourselves lucky not just to be an essential business, but when it comes to our classic car expertise, this has been well and truly in demand. Last but not least, our MECHANICLONDON chap has continued to entertain and uplift us The MechanciLondon Way 😊

So with that, here’s a BIG THANK YOU in the direction of our customers, suppliers, business partners, neighbourhood and social media fans! Thank you everyone for another year of customs, deliveries, collaborations, and most of all thank you for your trust and loyalty!

May 2022 be filled with health, happiness and hope for a smoother ride for you!

PS: You can follow the footsteps of our boss on his Instagram. For wisdom, inspiration and entertainment The Mechaniclondon Way, follow our storyteller on Facebook and Instagram.

We are Classic BRENT AUTOS. Based in Willesden, North West London, we have been offering servicing, diagnostics and mechanical repairs for modern day, particularly French, and classic cars since 1989.

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