How to set the clock in your car

It’s that time of the year again … when we all scratch our heads and wonder if the clocks go back or forward! :)

Worry no more as we are not only here to tell you that the clocks are going back this Sunday (29 October 2017), but we are even going to share a perhaps not so secret, but definitely clever formula so that you never have to scratch your head again.

Ready? Here it goes: “Spring forward, fall back.” Clever, isn’t it!

We wouldn’t be mechanics though if our first concern with the clock change wasn’t car related! So, in one of our most popular YouTube videos (fast approaching 10.000 views) our chief is talking you through on how to adjust the time on your car clock.

Disclaimer 1: Demo applies mainly to selected Peugeot and Citroen models

Disclaimer 2: Don’t pay too much attention to whether the mechanic got the spring forward, fall back formula right in his video :)))

Happy clock setting folks, and if you get stuck, get in touch!

#clocksgoback #daylightsavings #mechaniclondon

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