Is your car ready for winter?

The cold weather is here and so are our three ESSENTIAL tips that prepare your car for winter: a healthy engine, clear vision and roadworthy tyres!

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So, first up your car’s engine. To ensure it is all healthy and equipped for the frosty weather

  • Get the battery checked, and if necessary replaced
  • Ensure that the water levels are not just right, but that there is sufficient anti-freeze in the coolant
  • Make sure to check your car has enough oil

Essential number two, your vision when driving in the wintry, often icy and/or filthy weather conditions. Basically, never (ever) compromise your vision!

  • Fill up on screen wash with anti-freeze
  • Replace damaged or worn wiper blades
  • Clean the head lights, and check light bulbs regularly
  • Clear your windscreen – inside and out – AND before you start your journey!

Finally, ensure your tyres are roadworthy and can keep up with the often icy and slippery roads!

  • Check the condition and depth of your tyres
  • Do a visual check for any damage such as splits or bulges
  • For improved stability consider investing in proper snow tyres

Other winter extras we recommend include

  • Planning for extra journey time, extra stopping time and extra space in front of you
  • Taking extra care of our fuel levels and limiting the risk of running out in case of delays
  • Keeping some extra winter equipment in your car such as a car cloth, ice scraper, a bottle of screen wash and spare bulbs

There are many more precautions you can take to drive safely through winter and many more tips are available on the internet.

If you want to have real confidence that your car is ready for winter, we recommend you get it serviced. Car servicing is better than cure as we always say.

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We are Classic BRENT AUTOS – formerly known as Brent Autos (est.1989) and on social media known as MECHANICLONDON. Based in Willesden, North West London, we have been offering servicing, diagnostics and mechanical repairs for both modern day, particularly French, and classic cars since 1989.

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