The time to get your classic car spring and summer-ready is NOW (over the winter)!

Wet, windy and cold weather usually means one thing for classic car owners: quickly tuck away your classic motor safely and securely.

However, when it then comes to the warm weather returning, they often can’t get their classic pride and joy back on the road quickly enough, only to find that it has various aches and pains that need fixing in order to keep enjoying it for longer and over the summer months.

If this is you, why not turn the tide and get your beloved classic vehicle in shape for the summer NOW, over the winter!?

KATY VolvoP1800
Click on the photo to watch KATY on her first spin

Classic car aches and pains such as treating rust, decay to fittings and electrics effected by condensation to name only a few, can oftentimes turn into a lengthy process and no doubt require specialist skills, knowledge and real experience. So, to ensure your classic is roadworthy and ready to create memories with you during the warm seasons, isn’t it ideal to get it serviced and repaired while you are not driving it … and even better, in a warm and heated garage like our’s :)

For an initial chat or to book an appointment contact Mike today on 020 8830 0476 or

We look forward to welcoming you and your classic pride and joy at our garage soon!

More about our classic car services

Check out the video diary of Mike’s full restoration of a VolvoP1800

We are Classic BRENT AUTOS – formerly known as Brent Autos (est.1989) and on social media known as MECHANICLONDON. Based in Willesden, North West London, we have been offering servicing, diagnostics and mechanical repairs for modern day, particularly French, and classic cars since 1989.

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